Garmin / Tri tronics
These collars are among the most rugged and reliable on the market from the top name in the business.

  1. Garmin Delta SE Training Collar

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    Garmin has been a leader in portable electronics for decades, and with the transition from Tri-Tronics to Garmin comes the Garmin Delta SE Training Collar- Tried and true Tri-Tronics technology with a Garmin twist. If you were a fan of the extremely popular Sport Basic G3, then you’ll appreciate this newly designed training collar. The Garmin Delta SE features simple to use momentary, continuous, vibration, and tone corrections, and sports a fully waterproof, floating transmitter. Classic technology in modern form. ..

  2. Garmin Sport PRO™ E-Collar

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    New from Garmin, the Sport PRO is the highly anticipated upgrade and re-release of the best selling Tri-tronics Sport Basic G3 model collar system. They've taken the simple to use and easy to access features from the previous model and applied them to this rugged e-collar. With a rheostat dial, raised buttons, and one handed selection of switching between multiple dogs, this system is sure to become the new standard for remote training...

  3. Garmin Pro 550 Plus

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    Professional trainers and everyday dog owners can build a better dog with this simple and rugged training and tracking device. ..

  4. Garmin Pro 70 System

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Tone

    The simple, straightforward PRO 70 allows intuitive 1-hand training and control with a range of 1 mile, so you don’t have to take your eyes off your dog...

  5. Garmin Pro 550 System

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Tone

    Improving upon the classic design even further, this is Garmin's upgrade to the Tri-tronics Pro 500 G3. Control up to 3 dogs with momentary and continuous stimulation, 1-handed training, and a range of 1 mile. The collar also has a built-in bark limiter...

  6. Garmin Pro Trashbreaker System

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Tone

    The Garmin PRO Trashbreaker, with proven TriTronics technology, allows intuitive 1-hand training and control of up to 9 dogs from a range of up to 4 miles...

  7. "Best for tracking."

    Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Training & Tracking Collar

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Tone

    The Garmin Alpha is the perfect all-in-one e-collar, capable of training and tracking your gun dog all with the touch of a finger. No more fumbling with multiple e-collars. With a large and bright screen, you are able to see where they are and what they are doing. New features like geo-fencing allows you to set up a boundary zone that will warn you if your they are about to cross out of the area, allowing you to using the training features of the remote to call them back to you. Detailed maps allow you to see them from above...

  8. Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe (Rechargeable)

    This is Garmin's upgrade to the rechargable Tri-tronics Bark Limiter G3, and remains one of our most effective bark collars. It includes a autorise functionality which allows your dog to set its own level of stimulation. For dogs 8 lbs. and up...

  9. Garmin Delta SE Additional Collar

    For the Delta SE System, this is a add-on or replacement collar/receiver to add another dog or replace your lost collar...

  10. Garmin TB-10 Dog Device for Trashbreaker

    Additional collar/dog device for Garmin Pro Trashbreaker model...

  11. Garmin TT15X Dog Tracking & Training Collar

    An additional TT15X collar gives you the ability to track more dogs at one time with the Alpha or Astro gps dog tracking system. Includes a new vibration only function...

  12. Garmin PT10 Additional Collar

    Additional Collar for Garmin Pro models 70 & 550. Features a remote-operated LED beacon light and a built in anti BarkLimiter to control nuisance barking...

  13. Garmin T5X GPS Tracking Transmitter Collar

    Improved top-mounted GPS and GLONASS receiver/tracking collar for use with Astro 320 or Alpha 100...

  14. Garmin Astro Extended Range Flex Antenna

    Extend the range of your Garmin Astro. Easy to attach...

  15. Garmin VHF Antenna (2-pack)

    Replacement antennas for Garmin Alpha, Astro, and PRO Trashbreaker...

  16. Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna for Astro and Alpha

    This powerful remote antenna magnetically mounts to your vehicle and connects to the Astro 220, 320, and Alpha handheld devices so you can track your dogs with the unit while driving...

  17. Garmin Astro Long Range Antenna

    Extend your Astro 320 or Alpha 100 range with this compact long range antenna. ..

  18. Garmin Astro Extended Range Folding Antenna
    List: $39.00

    Greatly increase the range of your Garmin Alpa 320 without sacrificing portability...

  19. Garmin Standard VHF Antenna

    Replacement antenna for the Garmin Astro 430...

  20. Garmin Belt Clip

    Keep your Garmin in reach while on the move with this belt clip. Compatible with Astro 320 or Alpha 100. ..

  21. Garmin Carabiner Clip

    Keep your Astro 320 or Alpha handheld in reach while on the move...

  22. Garmin Handlebar/ATV Mount

    Take your Astro 320 or Alpha 100 to the streets or the trail...

  23. Garmin Astro 320 Car Mount

    Mounts your Garmin Astro to any flat surface...

  24. Garmin Astro 320 Car Friction Mount

    This weighted, friction mount will hold your Garmin Astro on any surface without a permanent attachment...

  25. Garmin Retractable Lanyard

    Attaches your Garmin Astro to your hip, vest, or jacket while maintaining full functionality...

  26. Garmin Astro 220 GPS Dash Mount

    Garmin Astro 220 vehicle mount...

  27. Garmin AC Adapter Cable for Pro Models

    Extra / Replacement adapter for Garmin Pro Training models...

  28. Garmin Split Adapter Cable

    Compatible with Alpha 100 Handheld, TT10, Delta, Delta Sport, Pro70, Pro550 and Pro Trashbreaker. ..

  29. Garmin Alpha AC Adapter Cable

    Compatible with Alpha 100 Handheld, TT10, TT15. ..

  30. Garmin TT-10 Charging Clip

    Replacement charging clip for TT10. ..

  31. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Replacement Charging Clip

    Extra replacement charging clip for BarkLimiter Deluxe ..

  32. Garmin Delta Charge Clip

    Snap your Delta or Delta Sport dog device to the charging clip when not in use to recharge your battery. ..

  33. Garmin Delta Collar Battery

    For extended training with your Delta or Delta Sport dog device. ..

  34. Charging Clip for Garmin Astro DC-40

    Lost or broken charging clip? No problem, here is a replacement Garmin Astro DC-40 Charging Clip. ..

  35. Replacement AC Adapter for Garmin Astro DC-40

    Replacement AC addapter for Garmin Astro DC-40. Includes charging clip...

  36. Vehicle Power Cable for Garmin Astro DC-40

    Vehicle Power Charger for Garmin Astro DC-40. Includes charging clip...

  37. Garmin TT10 Battery

    Replacement Lithium Ion battery for TT10. Quick and easy replacement. ..

  38. Garmin Li-Ion Battery for Pro Dog Devices

    Extra / Replacement battery for Garmin Pro Training dog devices...

  39. Garmin Alpha 100 Battery

    Replacement Lithium Ion battery for Alpha100 Handheld. ..

  40. Garmin DC-50 Lithium Battery Replacement

    Replacement Li-ion Battery pack for the DC-50...

  41. Garmin Battery for Delta Handheld Receivers

    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Delta or Delta Sport Handheld. ..

  42. Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe Replacement Battery

    Replacement / Extra battery for Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe. ..

  43. Garmin NiMH Battery Pack

    NiMH Battery Pack used for the Astro 430 (also compatible with Garmin's Oregon 6xx Series and GPSMap64 series units)...

  44. 3Volt Lithium Battery

    Replacement Lithium battery for Garmin, Petsafe and Eyenimal products...

  45. Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld Remote

    Did you lose your remote or want to have a friend see your dogs from his own remote? Garmin Alpha Handheld Remote Only...

  46. Garmin Pro Trashbreaker Transmitter / Handheld

    Replacement transmitter for the Garmin Pro 70 System...

  47. Garmin Pro 70 Handheld Transmitter

    Out of stock

    Extra/Replacement transmitter for the Pro 70 System...

  48. Garmin Pro 550 Handheld Transmitter

    Extra/Replacement transmitter for the Pro 550 System...

  49. Garmin Delta Handheld Transmitter

    Out of stock

    Replacement Handheld for Delta..

  50. Garmin Custom Astro Cover-Glow in the Dark

    Never lose your Astro 320 handheld while hunting at night...

  51. Garmin PRO Control 2 Receiver - Remote Release
    List: $199.99

    An additional or replacement remote receiver for the Tri-tronics Pro Control Remote Release System...

  52. Garmin PRO Control 2 Remote Release System
    List: $349.99

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    The Tri-tronics Pro Control System is back! Garmin's upgrade to the popular remote release device can operate an unprecedented 18 Pro Control 2 receivers (advanced functions allow control of 36 release receivers). The new remote handheld transmitter is backwards compatible so it can work with your current Pro Control G3 receivers. With a push of a button, the new Garmin handheld device also allows you to train up to 3 dogs wearing the Garmin Delta training collars using the same launcher remote. The perfect all in one field system...

  53. Garmin Alpha Glow in the Dark Cover

    Add a Glow in the Dark cover to your Garmin Alpha, and never lose your Alpha 100 handheld while hunting at night...

  54. Garmin Astro Custom Cover

    Personalize and protect your Astro 320 handheld while increasing it's versatility and function...

  55. Nylon Case with Zipper for Garmin Astro 320

    Durable Nylon carrying case for Garmin's Astro 320...

  56. Garmin Topo US 100k Maps

    Out of stock

    An SD card to permanently load highly detailed Topo maps on your Garmin Astro 320...

  57. Garmin 256 MB micro SD Memory Card

    Increase map storage space on your Garmin Astro 220 or 320...

  58. Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Maps - One Year Subscription

    Out of stock

    On the plains, flat lands, or down east, where topo lines don't exist, these high resolution aerial photos are a wealth of information. Download an unlimited number of photos for one year...

  59. Garmin BirdsEye TOPO - One Year Subscription

    Out of stock

    A one year subscription to download an unlimited amount of detailed Topography maps. These accurate elevation maps are invaluable when working hilly or mountainous terrain...

  60. Garmin Upland Beeper Attachment

    Additional beeper attachment for the Garmin Delta Upland. Fits a 1" collar strap...

  61. Garmin Contact Point Kit

    Long and Short Contacts for Garmin products Compatible with: Garmin Alpha TT15 and TT10, Garmin PRO and Sport PRO series, Garmin Delta XC Series, Tri-troncs G2 and G3 Series Collars. ..

  62. Garmin Alpha Screen Protectors

    Minimize fingerprint smudges and protect against scratches. ..

  63. Garmin Auto Navigation Kit for Astro 320

    For use with your 320 handheld. ..

  64. Garmin Field Bag

    Keep all of your tracking and training devices in one spot. ..

  65. Garmin Lanyard

    Attach your handheld to this quick release lanyard and wear it around your neck so you can keep your hands free during your outdoor adventure...

  66. 3V CR2 Battery for Bark Limiter

    Replacement battery for the Garmin Bark Limiter and the older Tri-Tronics Sport Junior...

  67. Garmin Pro Series Holster

    Holster for the Garmin Pro 70, Pro 550, or Pro Trashbreaker transmitter / handhelds...

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