Heaters and Coolers
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Dog House Heaters and Fans

  1. Hound Heater Dog House Furnace Deluxe

    Hound Heater Dog House Furnace Deluxe
    List: $139.95

    The perfect dog house heater for the brutal winter months, and safe for small enclosures. Designed to safely keep your pet warm in any winter climate. Set the temperature by dialing in the hound heater thermostat...

  2. Heat-N-Breeze Deluxe for Dog Houses

    Heat-N-Breeze Deluxe for Dog Houses

    Out of stock

    A year round dog house climate control solution. Combining the best of both worlds, heat your dog's house in the coldest of winters, and keep them cool in the summer by providing proper ventilation within...

  3. Hound Heater Classic

    Hound Heater Classic

    A safe and effective device to provide warmth in your dog's house while on a budget...

  4. Hound Cooler

    Hound Cooler
    List: $119.95

    Out of stock

    A cooling pad for your dog that is designed to effectively keep your them cool during long trips or cool down your pet after exercise, agility trials or hunting trips...

  5. Hound Heater Igloo Bracket

    Hound Heater Igloo Bracket

    Use this Hound Heater bracket for installation into your igloo styled dog house...

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