Dog Whistles

  1. SportDOG Answer Whistle

    SportDOG Answer Whistle
    List: $14.95

    The Answer Whistle uses the Clear Competition Whistle without a pea for a high, shrill, penetrating tone...

  2. SportDOG Gonia Clear Competition Whistle

    SportDOG Roy Gonia® Clear Competition Whistle
    List: $6.95

    Features a lower-pitched sound that carries farther...

  3. SportDOG Original Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle

    SportDOG Original Roy Gonia® Special Orange Whistle
    List: $5.95

    Used by more champions than any other whistle. Designed specifically for a dog's sensitive hearing...

  4. SportDOG Gonia Special without Pea

    SportDOG Gonia Special without Pea

    The Special without Pea is ideal for colder months as it won't freeze...

  5. SportDOG Roys Gonia Mega Whistle

    SportDOG Roy Gonia® Mega Whistle
    List: $9.95

    Protects the handler's ears by directing the whistle's very loud sound forward...

  6. SportDOG Clear Competition Mega Whistle

    SportDOG Roy Gonia® Clear Competition Mega Whistle
    List: $11.95

    The Roy Gonia Clear Competition Mega Whistle offers long range control. The Mega Whistle points sound forward, protecting the handler's ears...

  7. SportDOG Roys Commander Whistle

    SportDOG Roy's Commander Whistle
    List: $4.95

    Designed and manufactured for hunting in adverse weather...

  8. SportDOG Nylon Double Lanyard

    SportDOG Nylon Double Lanyard

    Lightweight and durable, with snaps for 2 whistles...

  9. SportDOG Braided Leather Lanyard

    SportDOG Braided Leather Lanyard

    High quality leather lanyard with 2 snaps for whistles...

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