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Derrick hunting with Bonnie

Since 1982, our family has been hunting with and training dogs in the field and at home. 

The significance of having a well-trained dog is so important to us and our way of life that we ultimately decided to pass on our knowledge and expertise to the canine world by sharing the tools we use to train our dogs.

We began running hounds in North Carolina with our father, and eventually moved to upland hunting with pointers later on. Nowadays, we tend to lean more towards waterfowl hunting with our retrievers. If it wasn't for the obedience of our faithful canine companions, we would have given up long ago.

Sporting Dog Pro is a family owned and operated sporting dog supply company based in North Carolina. We are knowledgeable dog enthusiasts who utilize the products we sell and make it our priority to service our customers and support the hunting dog community.



To all of you, from all of us at Sporting Dog Pro - Thank you for dropping by!

Derrick Moore
Senior Pro Staff


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