Garmin's Alpha 100 GPS Tracking Collar Video Review

Garmin's Alpha 100 GPS Tracking Collar Video Review


“Hey, this is Derrick with Sporting Dog Pro. Gonna take a minute today and show you Garmin’s new Alpha 100 combination tracking and training device. This simple to use device has revolutionized the way we hunt, track, and now train our dogs. This system allows you to add up to twenty collars at one time. It allows you to know where they are all at, we’re they’ve all been, what they’re doing—if they are running, if they’re treeing, or if they’re pointing.

All this information comes to you on a very easy to use, very easy to read touch screen display, which I personally prefer--easy to scroll through, very much like a cell phone or smartphone.

The Alpha 100 comes preloaded with Garmin’s 100k Topo Maps, however, the majority of our customers recommend adding Garmin’s BirdsEye Satellite Imagery to work in correlation with the topo maps. They work seamlessly together, they overlap perfectly, and they give you much better accuracy on your location and your dog’s location.

The Alpha 100 is also a simultaneous training collar. It has the standard continuous and momentary stimulation, allowing you to have full control over what your dog is doing. This device is a must have for serious hunters, serious dog enthusiast, and serious hunting dogs. This is the future of GPS tracking technology.

Thank you for watching, and thank you for shopping at Sporting Dog Pro. Tough gear for tough dogs.”

For more information or to purhcase, click below:
Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Training & Tracking Collar

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