The Ultimate Puppy Searching Experience

The Ultimate Puppy Searching Experience

There is no magic formula for picking the perfect puppy. Although, there are plenty of satisfied hunting dog owners that have put no thought or planning into choosing the right dog, being fully prepared for a commitment like this one can only be in your favor. There are just so many factors to consider when making the final decision. So if you want to create the ultimate puppy searching experience there are a few rules of the trade that you can follow to make your decision much easier and increase your chances of finding an accurate fit for you and your hunting needs. Keep in mind, hopefully you are making at least a ten year commitment to take care of and train your dog, and that isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.

Know the Breed

Most of the time, at this point, you already know what breed you want, whether it's a Labrador Retriever, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a German Shorthaired Pointer, or one of the many types of hounds. But if not, spend plenty of time researching that breed. Do you want a long or short haired dog? Where will you hunt? Will it be open fields or in the swamp? Do you want a dog that can stay inside and crawl up on the couch beside you? Once you answer those questions and pick a breed, get around dogs of that breed. Visit a kennel. Talk to owners of that breed, find out as much as you can about their trainability. Figure out that the weaknesses of that breed. Make sure you are prepared with questions. It is never a bad idea to educate yourself. Decide before you ever see the litter if you want a male or female, you don’t want a puppy’s looks or markings to be a deciding factor over the sex of the dog.

Know the Breeder

Next, and one of the most important beginning steps is to actually find a good breeder. Your idea of a good breeder may be different from mine but, make sure they have what you are looking for. Such as clean kennels and healthy food for the expectant mother. Is it important to you that the breeder only have one breed or do you prefer a breeder with experience in several breeds? There are plenty of important criteria to consider. Make sure you know before you visit what you need from a breeder.

Know the Parents

Most experts agree that it is always important to check out the parents. Were they bred to enhance their natural abilities? Do they have proven blood lines that fit in with what you want for your family or hunting style? Were they bred for a different purpose than what you will be using them? Make sure the parents’ demeanor line up with what you are expecting out of your dog. Puppies certainly don’t always have the same personality as their parents but, they are more likely to carry their parents traits than not.

Time is Your Friend

Once you have spent the time and energy to research what you want in a puppy you will find your search much more enjoyable. If you have confidence and knowledge when you are making your choice, you won’t make the mistake of wishing you had gone a different route. Having said all this, if you don’t plan on spending time and energy to train your pup then all of your efforts to find the perfect dog won't make any difference. Pedigrees and perfect parents can’t compare to the time spent loving and training him.

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