Dogtra SureStim H Plus Training Collar Video Review

Dogtra SureStim H Plus Training Collar Video Review


“Hey, this is Derrick with Sporting Dog Pro. We’re gonna take just a minute today to look at Dogtra’s Surestim H Plus series. These little units have been around for a little while, and known to become quite dependable.

This is essentially a two dog unit with nick and continuous settings. The cool thing about it is you got this rheostat dial, actually 127 different levels of stimulation. It allows you to really dial in and pin point the exact place where your dog responds. Along with nick and continuous stimulation, it also has a pager button. It’ll allow the collar to vibrate, as long as you press the button, with no stimulation, no noise, just a vibration in case you need just a subtle reminder. This two dog system has a half mile range and is completely waterproof.

The collar activation is actually very simple itself. The two red dots connect, and when the green LED lights the collar is powered on and synced in with the handheld transmitter.

When shopping for a training system, don’t overlook Dogtra’s SureStim series. This is a lightweight, rugged, dependable unit. As always, don’t forget to fully read your instruction manual before use. Thank you for watching, and thank you for shopping at Sporting Dog Pro. Tough gear for tough dogs.”

For more information on Dogtra collars, click below:
Dogtra SureStim H Plus

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