Do I need a Remote Beeper Collar?

Do I need a Remote Beeper Collar?

If you ever hunt with a remote beeper you won’t want to go back to any other way. Using an audible sound to keep track of what your dog is doing in the field isn’t a new idea, for years hunters have tracked their dogs’ activity with bells and the modern beeper does not disappoint. There are features that a beeper has that can make the hunt not just more enjoyable but, practical as well.

A beeper collar can become to its’ fans as essential as a baby monitor does for your baby. The remote beeper tells you what your dog is doing, not just where he is. Because remote beepers are motion sensored, it becomes your “eyes” when you can’t actually see her. Beeper collars have mode choices that range from “run” to “point only” mode. Point only mode being the mode that doesn’t make a sound until your dog is on point, or stops dead in his tracks. That’s an exciting sound to hear! The different modes range by brand and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Beeper Options

There are essentially two types of beepers. Remote beepers that you can turn on and off from a remote location so basically you can turn it on to find out the location of your dog and what she’s doing or there are beepers that do not have a remote so the switch is on the beeper itself so you turn it on at the beginning of the hunt and don’t turn off until it’s over.

So which Beeper Collar is Right For You and Your Dog?

All beeper collars essentially have the same purpose, to keep track of your pointing dog and what she is doing when out of sight, but, there are a few different features available on different collars. It comes down to your preference and what you will be using the collar for, what style of hunting you will be doing such as, whether you will be up close or prefer wider ranged hunting. Your running dogs will need more range than your close flushing dogs. Do the research, think about what you need and then make the choice based on your own criteria. Where you hunt certainly should be a factor for considering which beeper collar you will need. For example, here in Eastern North Carolina we have thick underbrush that can get our dogs out of sight pretty quick so we need loud beepers that can be heard in thick cover.

Use it Alone or Combine it With Other E-Collars?

You should also consider whether you will also be using a training collar or a long range tracking collar so you know what beeper might work alongside your other collars. Or you might want to consider a collar that combines the features. If you have a training or tracking collar that you already use and are pleased with, you might want to check out their beeper collars to see if they can be worn on your existing collar, which could cut out some of the neck clutter. It certainly is not necessary to get the same brand and dogs can certainly where more than one collar but, it is something to consider.

Don’t Wait To Introduce The Beeper

If you decide to try a beeper collar then make sure you train your dog on it early and long before he steps out in the field with it. If you just show up on hunting day with a beeper collar around his neck you could actually create a little chaos. It is another sound for your dog to get used to and you want him to associate the sound with a positive feeling. You want him to recognize that when the collar makes the proper sound that he’s doing something right, like finding birds and pointing. There are all kinds of ways to introduce the beeper to your dog, some like to present it while feeding him and others while training their dog. Just don’t wait until the actual hunt to do it, that rarely has a positive effect and can actually scare your dog and possibly ruin the hunt.

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