Whether you are a Peanuts fan who loves Snoopy or a Wallace and Gromit fan you will recognize the Beagle and its’ popularity as just a regular friendly dog. It wasn’t by chance that a Beagle was chosen to for these two characters. The Beagle just has “normal” dog features and typically a sweet, friendly disposition that makes him the perfect model for these characters and a wonderful addition to your family.


Beagles are one of the oldest documented British hound breeds with records tracing as far back as 500 years ago. Traditionally, the Beagle, a scent hound, was used to hunt rabbits and is excellent at sniffing out a rabbit trail. In the early 18th Century European farmers kept the breed alive by selective breeding, choosing the best hunters, and implementing a country doctor style medical care, right next to their children because the dogs were so useful in helping to provide extra provisions for the table when the farming was less than desireable. Recently, Beagles have become popular family pets because of their small compact size and their delightful disposition and the AKC ranks the Beagle as the 5th most popular dog breed.

Social Interaction is Important

Beagles are known to be affectionate and are not just loyal to one owner. They make friends easily and are typically trustworthy around children. Beagles are extremely social animals and do not like to be alone for long although they are independent in their thinking and are fully capable of learning any command. Because Beagles were bred to live and work in packs they need human or canine companions in order to be the happiest and most productive. Boredom is dangerous physically and mentally to a Beagle.

Training Challenges

Beagles are not the easiest of breeds to train and can be stubborn when they feel like it, as is the case with most dogs from the hound group. However, if you spend the time and energy to train them you will have an excellent companion who will stick by you until the end. Beagles are loyal and fun-loving and respond well to corrective training and usually respond well to e-collars whether for training or hunting. Beagles are not usually known for a positive response to “reward” training. House training a Beagle can often prove more difficult than other small breeds, therefore crate training can be an excellent choice for a Beagle puppy.

Health and Fitness Requirements

Beagles require an abundance of exercise and need plenty of space to run. They do fine in a fenced yard but, they need to have enough room to get an abundance of exercise because Beagles have a tendency to gain weight quickly if not offered enough physical activity. The main health concern for Beagles is obesity. Their weight can easily be kept in check by monitoring their food intake and offering an abundance of physical activity. Beagles are also diggers so keep in mind the type of fencing you choose. If you choose an underground fence, make sure it is a strong one because even though Beagles are small, they are tough and stubborn usually needing a little more correction than other small breeds. Beagle have the innate desire to wander and to search and follow other dogs or game so fencing is important if you live in an area where roaming could be dangerous.

Curb Boredom

Beagles have a unique howl. Even though they are not a particularly noisy breed they still make a considerable amount of noise if you live in close quarters and need a quiet dog. Their baying can prove rather obnoxious to neighbors if not kept under check. Beagles will howl for different reasons but, boredom can certainly bring out the worst.


Download AKC's Beagle Breed Standard PDF


AKC-Beagle Breed


Wallace and Gromit

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