A Bit About the AKC Sporting Dog Group

A Bit About the AKC Sporting Dog Group

The American Kennel Association groups dogs into categories based on certain common criteria. One such group is the Sporting group. The Sporting group includes pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels.

Sporting dogs are the smartest of the canines.

Sporting dogs were developed and bred to help man hunt game, such as birds and waterfowl, sometimes simply for pleasure or “sport” hence the term Sporting group. Several breeds evolved from this group and each has its own qualities that have proven to be strongest amongst each particular breed. For example, the Golden Retriever is known for having a soft mouth and the Gordon Setter is known for its stamina out in the field. While each breed that falls under the Sporting group usually has certain qualities for which it is known, for the most part, Sporting dogs are so well-rounded it is hard to say that one is much better than another.

Dogs in the Sporting group are usually quite intelligent. They are known for their obedient and loyal personalities. One of the principal reasons this group remains amongst the most favored of dog groups is because of their good natured demeanor and their temperament around children. However, their natural instincts involving water and field are what affords them honor and praise among sportsmen worldwide. The Sporting dog’s commitment to companionship is unparalleled in any other group. The American Kennel Association states that the Sporting Group is of the easiest to train and most willing to learn, being naturally attentive and cognitively alert.

They will do everything they can to work and win your approval.

Sporting dogs need an adequate amount of regular exercise to stay healthy mentally and physically. They are very physically active and if allowed to be idle for too long most will become bored and usually boredom causes bad behavior. Most breeds in this group are very social and in need of companionship, whether it be with a fellow K9 or with a faithful human. Most dogs thrive on praise but, the Sporting dog particularly depends on approval and admiration. The term “man’s best friend” was probably pinned from a dog owner among the Sporting group because in order to be man’s best friend a dog would need to give back just as much, if not, more than he took. A dog in the Sporting group doesn't just follow his owner around, he works hard and above all else he makes him proud. The dogs in the Sporting group certainly fulfill all the criteria to be man’s best friend.

Unlike most dog groups, the Sporting group maintains it’s original purpose: to provide a companion that is able to locate, hunt, flush out or retrieve game. For the benefit of holding on to the heritage of the Sporting group, trainers and breeders have also developed mock field trials and hunt tests that allow this group to develop further and to excel at what they do best. By continuing to properly train and pass down our wisdom, we can assure that the Sporting group remains the same for generations to come.

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