Garmin Delta Sport Training / Bark Collar Combo

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Garmin Delta™ Sport XC Training / Bark Collar Combo

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Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

Training Collar/Bark Collar all in one! 3/4 mile range.

For dog owners that want both a training collar and a bark collar, the Delta Sport XC delivers --combining two great features into one small package. The Delta Sport XC is a sleek, ergonomic, and simple-to-use electronic training system for dog owners who want to teach their canine companion new commands, or refocus them away from unwanted behaviors. Functioning as a "virtual leash" up to three-quarters of a mile away, the Delta Sport XC gives dog owners a wide range of customizable correction settings, including tone, vibration, and 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation.

And when not being used as a training collar, it serves double duty as a bark collar, with the same autorise feature found in the BarkLimiter Deluxe.

The Delta Sport XC remote training device - using proven Tri-Tronics® technology - sets a new standard in dog training with an easy-to-read LCD screen;intuitive, 3-button-front controller;separate side buttons for level adjustment and dog selection (train up to 3 dogs with additional dog devices - sold separately). Delta Sport XC can even remember an individual dog's training settings and is optimized to work on all dog breeds and coat lengths.

Simplified and Effective.

Delta Sport XC is ergonomically-designed to require only 1 hand to operate with 3 front action buttons for stimulation, tone and/or vibration. Side buttons and an easy-to-read LCD let the trainer switch easily between the training configurations and different dogs being trained. The collar/dog device is optimized to work on all breeds and coat thicknesses and has an effective range of up to 3/4 mile.

Three Ways to Train Your Dog.

Delta Sport XC offers dog trainers the option of using: continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration or tone. Or, use all 3 in 1 session. With 5 correction configurations (viewable in the LCD display), the trainer can select the training option best suited to the situation and dog temperament. Delta Sport XC offers 3/4 mile range and the ability to control up to 3 dogs and quickly change between them (with additional dog devices sold separately).

Built-in Bark Control.

Delta Sport XC is the first electronic dog training system which features Garmin's BarkLimiter built right in. BarkLimiter recognizes the difference between wanted and unwanted barks as well as vibration from scratching and scraping or from other dogs' barks. Thus, it virtually eliminates false and over correction. The Autorise function automatically adjusts the training level up to the optimum level needed to stop unwanted barking. Or trainers can switch to manual mode for more control.

Tough, Waterproof, Long-lasting.

Like all Garmin outdoor products, Delta is designed to be effective, rugged and waterproof (IPX7) with a long-lasting rechargeable, lithium-ion battery in both the transmitter and dog device.

Features - Garmin Delta Sport XC
  • 3/4 mile range
  • Built-in BarkLimiter with Autorise technology
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery in handheld and dog device
  • Waterproof handheld and dog device
  • Handheld will float
  • Correction levels: 18
  • Momentary and continuous correction options
  • Vibration correction option
  • Tone correction option
  • 5 Training configurations
  • System comes ready for 1-dog, but can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs with the purchase of additional Delta Dog Collars
  • Handheld is 2.1"W x 5.4"H x 1.1"D and 3.7 oz
  • Collar/Dog Device is 1.5"W x 2.3"H x 1.7"D and 2.4 oz
In the Box
  • Delta Sport XC handheld
  • Delta dog device with built-in BarkLimiter
  • Black 3/4"collar strap
  • Charging clip
  • Lanyard
  • USB cable
  • USB split cable
  • AC adapter
  • Manual
Customer Reviews
Great product!
Great product! Better than others I have used. ()
Works great
It works great. Helps control the dogs barking on it own and at the same time you can correct any other bad behavior. The only collar that has both functions. ()
Get it!
So I had bought a cheap collar off Amazon for my Jack Russell. It was a waste of 40$. Bought this collar and wow what a difference. Rooster loves to have it on and I’ve got total control. This is extremely important for his safety. He’s scared of NOTHING! The quality and range of this collar has helped me pull him out of trouble many times. Just get it. Make sure and collar train your dog. Please don’t just put a collar on them and start shocking. If done correctly the tone is all you will need 90% of the time. ()
Struggles sensing her barks but otherwise great product
Struggles sensing her barks but otherwise great product ()
Good quality product. ()
Bark collar combo
This is a great collar. The options and wide variety of settings does take some experiment and study to get the right settings for your dog. Take care to study them, and observe your dog closely for reaction to the various stimuli. Go in with a plan also as to what might work best for your dog. I did notice that the automatic setting for the bark collar does not work for my Miniature Schnauzer -- a very yappy breed. She needed more shock right away to curb her barking. ()
Built to last
This collar has helped us train or dog. The built in bark limiter is a great function. I would definitely recommend this collar to others ()
I was hesitant to purchase this collar due to the price, but it was the only collar with the bark limiter and manual shock in one that I could find. What helped me was knowing there was the 30 day money back guarantee if it didn't help with our issues. I am very pleased that I bought this collar. We were hoping to teach our dog to come when called and correct unwanted behaviors such as digging and barking. This collar has helped with all of those! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the bark limiter doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to correct our (boisterous!) 60 lb boxer-lab's barking automatically. I have to switch to the manual setting and correct her myself using the handheld device, which works perfectly fine. However, hindsight being 20/20 I could have saved money simply purchasing the collar without the bark limiter. You are able to press a "tone" prior to delivering the shock, and our dog has already started listening better when she hears the tone as she knows the shock may be coming. The device goes up to level 18; level 13 is what works for our dog. I did try shocking myself on my arm; it does hurt but only for a split second and is more surprising than anything. The bark limiter may work for you, but our energetic girl seems to have a high pain threshold! ()
Great training collar!
I've been looking for a training collar and bark collar unit all in one. I've used electronic trainers in the past, but this has been my favorite so far. We use it on our retriever who has a problem barking at every little sound in the middle of the night. Our problem is solved! ()
Fantastic device that worked fast
Finally got this collar a few weeks ago for my sheppard. It's easy to use, and she responds to it well. Very impressed with her change in behavior. ()
Wasn't very happy with the results.
I waited a month for this product just to realize it is a piece of junk. My dog will bark all day without even a hint of him having a bark limiter on. We tried it our friend's dog as well, and got the same results. ()
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