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Border Patrol TC1 - GPS Portable Dog Fence / Remote Trainer

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Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Jump, Rise

The Border Patrol TC1 is a containment fence system, tracking device, and remote training collar... all in one!

The Border Patrol TC1 is brilliantly designed, rugged, and brings an entirely new concept to dog containment. By melding the worlds of remote dog training collars, wireless fences, and GPS tracking technology, this device combines them into simple to use e-collar that is capable of working with as many as 1 to 5 dogs at once. Great for walks, hiking, camping, hunting, traveling, or even keep your dog contained in the yard.

Contain your pet in a circular boundary

The first of its kind, this wireless GPS dog fence is completely portable and is small enough to take anywhere. Quickly and easily set the circular fence boundary on the handheld transmitter and you're good to go. The customizable boundary can be set to a 15 to 800 yard radius, keeping your dog close or giving them nearly a miles worth of freedom to safely roam.

The system works by using GPS positioning to set the boundaries of the containment fence. You have the ability to set the fences center point, warning track zone distance, and fence boundary line distance by using the handheld device. This allows you to customize the type of fence you feel is right for your dog. Additionally, you are able to customize the stimulation levels, warning types, auditory beeps, vibration levels, or any combination of such to customize and train your dog to the way you see fit (ie. vibration, followed by an auditory tone, and then followed by a static correction).

The fence boundary also has a built in safety feature, called "Welcome Home", which will prevent your dog from being corrected should they ever pass outside of the boundary zone and try to return to the safe zone of containment. This will avoid any mixed signals your dog might get if they by chance leave your boundary zone and try to return home.

After you setting up and activating your custom fence, you will no longer need to leave the handheld device powered on. After you create your fence, you may simply power off the handheld unit and the collars will store the last saved settings and apply warning and stimulations as you custom set.

Short-range GPS tracking

After setting your fence up, you will be able to track your dogs location up to 2 miles away. The handheld unit will display direction and distance from you of each dog, and if they have reached any warning zones or boundary lines. If for some reason your dog exits the boundary zone, you can easily track them down using the GPS tracking features and on-screen display.

If you and your dog hike with the mobile fence, you also have the ability to add a marked waypoints (up to 4) to the device GPS, so that you can easily find your way back home.

Remote Training

It's not just a portable dog fence, the Border Patrol TC1 is a full featured remote dog training collar system as well. The remote transmitter will work at a max range of 2 miles. There are options for continuous, momentary, vibrate, tone, jump and rise modes of stimulation that can be setup to your dog's degree of learning ability. All in all, there are 50 levels of stimulation offered by the system. If you're running multiple dogs on the device, your personalized settings for each dog will be stored within the remote. This allows the correct stimulations to be delivered to the correct dogs as you scroll through each one in the menu.

To run multiple dogs with the Border Patrol, additional collars must be added to the device. They can be added to your cart at the top of the page, or can be found here: Border Patrol Additional Collars.

Combining long-range wireless, electronic fence containment, with training and short-range global positioning satellite tracking, this is ideal for keeping your pet safely contained and trained. We have heard nothing but positive things from our customers about it, and we highly recommend this Border Patrol TC1 containment system.

  • Patented GPS-Guided Fence
  • Remote Trainer
  • Short-Range Tracking System
  • Containment area from 15-yard radius to 800 yard radius
  • “Welcome Home” feature allows dog to return to safe area without being corrected
  • Warning zone notifications can be set to Vibration or Audible Beep
  • Options for Warning Zone notifications are Vibration or Beep followed by delayed stimulation
  • 50 levels of stimulation in Stimulation Zone for containment
  • 50 adjustable intensity levels for remote training
  • Nick and Continuous Stimulation as well as positive vibration, JUMP Stimulation and RISE Stimulation
  • Training range of up to 2 miles (line-of-sight)
  • Mark up to 4 way points (in addition to the automatically saved fence center)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in Handheld and Collar unit
  • Battery Life varies depending on settings: typically 6-12 hours for handheld and 12-24 hours for collar
  • Water-resistant handheld unit
  • Fully Waterproof collar unit
  • Handheld: 5.5” x 5” x 1.25”
  • Collar: 3.25” x 1.75” x 1.75” 10 oz (27” strap)
  • Recommended for dogs 25 lbs or larger with a minimum neck size of 14 inches
  • High-resolution 2.4” TFT Color LCD Screen on Handheld
  • Expandable to 5 dogs - Add-on (TC1-Add) collars sold separately
  • 1-Year Warranty
In the Box
  • Handheld Unit with Antenna
  • Collar Unit
  • Charger
  • Test Light
  • Boundary Flags
  • Screen Cover
  • Lanyard
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Training Manuals
  • Warranty Card
Customer Reviews
Very Nice ProductBy:
It is a great baby sitter for our dog. It keeps him home and off the dangerous road. ()
This is a fantastic piece of technology. Training, tracking and containment all in one. Pricey but worth it for the piece of mind it offers. Highly recommend. ()
Thank you!!!By:
Finally after 2 obedient school trainings, another training collar, and running up and down roads searching, we finally have our 22 month German Shepherd staying on our 8+ acre property. Can't be more thankful knowing he's safe at home. Resting easier ()
Perfect training collar By:
This collar is perfect for the large areas and the difficult to handle dog. We use this collar to contain our very large anitolian on our 90 acre ranch, it allows him to still protect the live stock and remain on our property. It would be nice if it allowed the use of the way points as excludtion areas. ()
Excellent product!By:
Me & my wife were looking for an easy solution to keep our dog in the yard. This is definitely the answer. You can take this thing anywhere and set up a fence. The two best parts are you don't have to bury wires and it dual's as a dog trainer too so you don't have to buy another system just to train. They both work simultaneously too.YOU NEED TO BUY THIS!!!! ()
very good product!!By:
very good product!! ()
Border Patrol TC1By:
Works great - wish it had a longer battery life ()
Great ProductBy:
I got this for my lab and so far it is working great. You can program it to how far you want the dog to run and how strong of a shock you want the collar to give off. It is expensive, but it is working great. You can also track the dog with the GPS system. The only downfall is, some things such as tin barns and powerlines will throw the signal off, so you wont be able to track the dog, but other than that this system is well worth the money. ()
Great Product!By:
We purchased the Border Patrol TC1 Fence/Remote Trainer in order to keep our three dogs on our 35 acre ranch, yet still let them roam the property. The system works great and is easy to use. The most difficult task was locating the center of the radius so that it covered what we needed but excluded the area we wanted left out. The only reason that I didn't give it a five star rating is that the dogs can enter the house through a doggy door while we are away. If they stay in the house to long it seems to shut off the collars due to loss of signal. It may just be a setting on my part as these are new to me and I have not had the opportunity to fully understand the product. I would recommend this product to others. ()
This is a fantastic collarBy:
We absolutely love this collar/fence. We just got this two weeks ago, and Buster is getting the buffer zone pretty well. We've heard about how the problems with this collar have been fixed with this recent v2 release. We've had no issues at all, and our dog isn't having any issues wearing the collar unit. We're also using the collar to train him to come back to the house on a beep. Pretty amazing stuff. ()
Needs new design for antenna on collar and improvement on battery life for controller By:
This is a good product, it could just use some improvements to make it a great product. I think the battery for the hand held controller needs to be able to have a much longer life. Another issue is the antennae on the collar, it sticks out much too far which makes it prone for getting caught on things and torn off. The setup was user friendly, I appriciated that. ()
Best purchase everBy:
I am an avid outdoorsman... and so is my dog. He loves to venture far, which is fine by me except when he is too far to hear me call his name. This device solved the problem. I can keep him as close as I want or talk to him from afar. Thanks for the recommendation Sporting Dog Pro! ()
product sent backBy:
problem with handheld unit charging; charger not working could not get handheld unit to calibrate for compass overall I like the system I am awaiting its return hopefully problems will be corrected ()
1 thumb upBy:
I like the border patrol tc1. The training with my dog is going great! Battery life could be a little better. All around I give this product a 7 out of 10. ()
I take this everywhere in AlaskaBy:
Up here in Alaska, there is a lot of trouble my GSP can get into in the wilderness. In wide open plains, I'll set his boundary to the maximum setting to give him free range. But when we head into the willows or forrest, I can tighten up his boundary circle to keep him a little closer and away from chasing after moose, bear, or wolves. And if we do ever run into something dangerous on the trail, I can call him to my side with the trainer. I never leave home without it and can't recommend this collar enough. Thanks Sporting Dog Pro! ()
Works amazingly. By:
Amazing! I have two golden retrievers and a Britney spaniel that I go for long hikes with daily behind my house. If Lucy, the britney sees a deer or other creature, she would take off after it and there was nothing I could do to stop her. We would just have to hope that she would make it home each evening. She learned very quickly with this system to stay close by my side. It's like walking with a portable force field around you to keep your dogs within. It fixed my problem right away, and now I know where all three dogs are at all time. Highly recommended. ()
Very impressed. By:
We got tired of repairing wire on our old dog fence, so we decided to give this wireless fence a chance. It's amazing how well it works. We live on an 18 acre farm and all we had to do was stand in the middle of the property and set our boundary circle. It holds the perimeter at that center point no matter where the handheld device is, or even if it's powered off. Every once in a while, our Brittney escapes (she's always been tough), but she's easy to find using the tracking GPS mode. Very impressed! ()
Perfect portable fenceBy:
This is the best darn dog fence I've ever owned... Period. ()
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