Small Dog Bark Collars
Small Dog Bark
Made for little to medium sized dogs 8 pounds and up.

  1. Eyenimal Miniature Bark Control Collar

    "For miniature size dogs."

    Eyenimal Miniature Bark Control Collar

    Our tiniest static bark control collar, perfect for small, miniature, toy, and otherwise little dogs. Offering 3 customizable levels of control, including levels for stubborn yappers. For miniature dogs below 9lbs...

  2. PetSafe Customizable Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control

    "Perfect for small dogs."

    PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control
    List: $99.95

    Our best selling and most recommended bark collar for small dogs. We feel that this is the ideal solution to stop your little dogs from excessive barking. The brilliance in this collar is that it automatically increases the level of its safe stimulation until the unwanting barking stops. It works very quickly and effectively at stopping the problem once and for all. For dogs between 8 and 55 lbs...

  3. Dogtra YS-300 Yapper Stopper

    Dogtra YS-300 Yapper Stopper

    This collar is extremely effective in stopping your little dog from barking. The best part about it is that it delivers a vibration just prior to the static correction, conditioning your dog to learn that the vibration means to stop. With eventual use, you'll be able to turn off the static correction of the collar, and keep your dog from barking with just vibration. For dogs between 10 and 45 lbs...

  4. Dogtra YS-200 No-Bark Collar

    Dogtra YS-200 No-Bark Collar

    The YS-200 is built for your small dog, and is the smallest no-bark collar that Dogtra offers. For dogs as small as 10 lbs...

  5. PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Citronella Bark Collar

    PetSafe Elite Little Dog Citronella Spray Bark Collar

    A safe alternative to correcting unwanted barking. Uses a burst of Citronella spray, aimed at your pets nose, to distract and deter unwanted barking. Perfect for smaller house dogs and surprisingly effective! Your little friend will appreciate this softer approach. For dogs 8 to 55 lbs...

  6. Petsafe Vibration Bark Control Collar

    Petsafe Vibration Bark Control Collar
    List: $88.99

    A Vibration Only bark control collar that safely corrects unwanted or nuisence barking. Uses a random, intermittent vibration that distracts and interrupts your dogs unwanted behavior...

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, Senior Field Staff

Obsessive barking is annoying, but it's the way your dog communicates.  Bark collars for little dogs should be used used with care.  Small dogs tend to bark and yap a lot, but their size leads a greater sensitivily to bark collars.  Setting the appropriate level of bark correction on the bark device is nessasary during first use to see what barking level your little barker stops at.  In general, these smaller bark devices are meant to work on dogs over 8 pounds.  We do not recomend bark collars on small dogs under that, as the static correction could lead towards an uncomfortable and stressed little one.  If you have a larger barking dog, you may want to have a look at our bark collars for larger dogs by using the menu above.  Addtionally, if static correction is not right for your dog, you can also take a look at our spray bark collars, which spray a harmless yet umpleasant mist every time your dog barks.  They are quite effective and will stop your dog's barking fast.
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