PetSafe Customizable Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control

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PetSafe Customizable Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control PetSafe Customizable Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control - Box

PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Control

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Detects your dogs bark using Patented Perfect Bark™ technology.

The Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar detects your dogs bark using Patented Perfect Bark™ technology to ensure only your dog's bark causes the correction. As he barks, he receives a safe but annoying "static" correction. The bark collar begins with low corrections, if excessive barking continues the correction intensity will increase. When used correctly the bark collar reduces (and in most cases eliminates) the number of nuisance barks. Your dog will quickly learn the association and stop the unwanted behavior.

  • Perfect Bark™ for the most reliable bark detection
  • Automatically adjusts to deter barking¬óno manual settings
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 10 levels of Light-Touch correction
  • Uses PetSafe RFA-188 battery (included)
Customer Reviews
We have had serenity since we purchased the bark control collar. Our shepherd would bark excessively all day just about at everything and nothing. Now, she knows better. She still is able to bark but it's when it's necessary and not excessive. The customer service is great and responded quickly. Our first collar stopped working almost immediately not sure why so I sent an email and received a quick response that a new collar was on it's way. We received it without delay and very pleased with the product and this company. We highly recommend Sporting Dog Pro. No regrets. ()
Great product!
So at first I was skeptical about buying a bark collar, and I was afraid it was going to hurt my dog and that if it hurt her that she wouldn't bark for intruders or when it would be necessary. I'd say it took about 3-4 days to arrive in the mail and then we tried it out the first day and she didn't bark at all! Not only did she stop barking when she's in her cage, but it doesn't seem to bother her when I put the collar on, which lets me know that she doesn't associate it with being bad. Would definitely recommend this collar to anyone looking to train their dog to stop barking! ()
Nothing else has worked!
I have a coonhound beagle mix, she's a boredom barker. As in leave her alone and she barks all day. This has worked like a charm! She's no long ticking off my neighbors when I'm at work! ()
I believe this product is bad for my dog. She welps every time it goes off. Also it does not go off evey time unless she barks very loud. I will no longer use this item. I have since purchase a spray collar and this worse well. I wish I saved my move and bought that first. ()
This product keeps my Great Dane quiet and us happy. Thank you so much. ()
Bark collar
Having a very spirited English Springer that loves to bark at sirens it became a problem living close to a fire department. She's worn the collar now for about a week with little breaks in between. Tonight was it! Off all afternoon then as I was mowing (another bark fest) a fire truck went by and while she ran in her circles there was not a bark. So happy! ()
Battery does not last long. Also it should have prongs for dogs with longer hair. ()
It works great!!
This bark collar system is excellent! When Lucy, my chocolate lab, is wearing the collar she knows immediately that she isn't suppose to bark. I don't have her wearing it all the time, and let her "talk" during the day, but at night we keep her outside and don't want her waking up the neighbors. The only downside to this collar is having to change the batteries every 4 1/2 months or so. Not a big deal though. Otherwise, really pleased with how this well this collar works. Fast Shipping and great service. ()
Did the job perfectly
My little shepherd mix had a horrible problem with bark through the night. We put this collar on her, and quickly found a great improvement with her barking. We never really had to put it on a high setting. Very happy. ()
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