Waterfowl Dog Training DVD

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Waterfowl Dog Training DVD

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Easily get your retriever to the top of its game quickly and efficiently starting as a puppy.

In Waterfowl Dog: Volume 1, Trainer WILL PRICE takes you through the essential steps of training your new puppy over the first six months of life, establishing a solid foundation and preparing him or her to become the ultimate hunting retriever. Will’s training methods are based on the same critical learning periods and methods outlined by renowned dog trainer Richard A. Wolters and trusted by hunters and trainers since the 1960’s. Through the general obedience program, we’ll take you through the vital steps to establish a well-behaved and dutiful hunting companion, to include:

  • Potty Training
  • Introduction to leads
  • Kenneling
  • “Sit” command
  • The “Quiet” command
  • “Stay” command
  • How to deal with biting and chewing
  • “Here” command
  • “Heel” command

We also demonstrate how to train and introduce your puppy to necessary hunting retriever experiences such as:

  • Introduction to water
  • Fetching
  • Introduction to live birds

By consistently dedicating just 15 minutes a day while following the simple instructions presented in Waterfowl Dog, you’ll be well on your way to having the loyal hunting partner you’ve always wanted!

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