Gun Dog Training Book

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Gun Dog Book - Richard Wolters

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A rapid method of training pointers, setters and spaniels to quarter and flush or point and retrieve

A simple, effective and time-proven dog training method. An excellent book for novices. Written for the upland bird hunter with limited time and facilities who wants a gun dog fast and who wants to train it himself. This is the first book written in this field with scientific information on the mental development of a dog.

From this study by one of the nation's outstanding animal behavior laboratories, Wolters has changed the procedures in training a gun dog. It teaches the hunting commands with the use of training tools, making training easier for you and your dog. Showing you complete training procedures step by step in picture sequences, this book will show you not only what to expect of your dog, but what your dog expects of you.

Simply put, Richard A. Molters is the Grandfather of sporting dog training books, and his books and training techniques work and stand the test of time. Highly recommended.

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