Hound Cooler

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Hound Cooler

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A portable electric cooling pad for your dog.

Keep your hot dog cool all summer long with the Hound Cooler. Designed to effectively keep your pet cool during long trips or cool down your pet after exercise, agility trials or hunting trips. Simply fill the cooler with ice and enough water to cover the pump and turn it on. The pad will soon become cool drawing the heat away from your pet’s body! Operates on 4 “D” cell batteries for 75+ hours or order a 12 volt cigarette plug-in adapter for your car.

  • Effectively cools a dog after hunting, exercise, walks etc.
  • Keeps dogs cool during travel.
  • Very portable, comes with a handy cooler with built-in battery pack.
  • Adapts to any cooler in minutes.
  • Powered by 4 "D"cell batteries (6-volt) for 75+ hours or simply plugs into your cigarette lighter (12-volt).
  • Very comfortable cushioned pad.
  • Only "active" cooling system made.
  • Chew proof tubing cover.
  • Easily cleaned - wipes up clean.
  • Choose from blue or camo colored.
  • Actual size is a full 11"x 22".
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