Garmin / Tri-Tronics Replacement Antennas

  1. Garmin Astro Long Range Antenna

    Extend your Astro 320 or Alpha 100 range with this compact long range antenna. ..

  2. Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna for Astro and Alpha

    This powerful remote antenna magnetically mounts to your vehicle and connects to the Astro 220, 320, and Alpha handheld devices so you can track your dogs with the unit while driving...

  3. Garmin VHF Antenna (2-pack)

    Replacement antennas for Garmin Alpha, Astro, and PRO Trashbreaker...

  4. Garmin Astro Extended Range Folding Antenna
    List: $39.00

    Greatly increase the range of your Garmin Alpa 320 without sacrificing portability...

  5. Garmin Astro Extended Range Flex Antenna

    Extend the range of your Garmin Astro. Easy to attach...

  6. Garmin Standard VHF Antenna

    Replacement antenna for the Garmin Astro 430...

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