Dogtra Accessory Chargers

  1. Dogtra Field/Vehicle Charger - D-Field10

    Dogtra Field/Vehicle Charger - D-Field10

    Field/Vehicle Charger for Dogtra brand collars. Works with 2300NCP, 2500T&B, & 3500NCP (see D-Field12 for other models)..

  2. Dogtra Field/Vehicle Charger - D-Field12

    Dogtra Field/Vehicle Charger - D-Field12

    Field/Vehicle Charger for Dogtra brand collars. Works with all Dogtra units using NiMh batteries with the exception of 2300NCP, 2500T&B, & 3500NCP...

  3. Dogtra AC Charger SBC12V

    Dogtra 12-Volt AC Charger

    Replacement Dogtra 12-volt AC charger for nickel-metal batteries. Compatible with: 300M series, 280NCP series, YS 500 (S/N greater than 30320) RRS, RRD, RR Deluxe, 175NCP, 150NCP, 500 series, 200NCP series, 200NC series, 1000 series, 1200 series, 1500 series, 1600 series, 1700 series, 1900NCP series, 7000 series, 7100 series, Surestim M Plus, and Surestim H Plus..

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