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What are the benefits of vitamins and mineral supplements for dogs?

There is so much evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements are beneficial to people. We know our diets are not supplying everything we need to counteract the toxins we encounter on a daily basis. We know supplements help us stay healthy and most importantly to feel good.  The same is the case for your dog, especially since dogs can be afflicted with many of the same diseases and ailments as humans.  Dogs have an even more limited diet than we do and most pet foods alone do not contain enough essential vitamins and minerals for an active, aging dog.  A large number of commercial  dog foods are lacking vitamin E, which is an important, fat soluble antioxidant that helps protect cell membranes from damage caused by free radicals.  Supplements contain minerals and antioxidants, such as Omega 3 fish oil, that helps improve your dogs skin and coat health and has been proven to reduce shedding.  Plus, the addition of vitamin C, just like in humans will prevent most kinds of infection and usually ward off sickness.  

Aging dogs need these extra vitamins to support brain, heart, kidney, eye and liver functions.  While your dog is aging his body processes slow down and he is in need of protection from environmental toxins that are so prevalent in our homes and surroundings. Extra supplements can help break down hard to digest nutrients so the body can utilize them and not just discard them.  The Canine Athlete C9 Senior Aches has white willow bark, which is a natural ingredient to reduce aches and ease stiffness while glucosamine lubricates and reduces swelling in aging joints, keeping your dog on the move and out of pain.

If you need to increase your dogs energy due to sickness or aging, supplements can help boost his immune system and possibly increase his performance level.  It’s always important to strengthen your dogs immune system to ward off harmful diseases, especially if he is a social dog and spends his time around any other dogs.

If your dog suffers from a weak stomach or has trouble with digestion then, the Canine Athlete C9 Digestive Enzymes would be a good choice. It contains amylase and lipase which gives your dog a head start in making his food quickly turn into energy, breaking down the fat so he is more efficient in the field and not slowed down by an out of control digestive system.

Always make sure that the vitamins, minerals and supplements that you offer your dog are natural and contain no preservatives. There is no need to add a bunch of chemicals to his already limited diet, especially if you want him at his peak performance for as long as possible.

--Faith Moore
Pro Staff

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