SportDOG Add-a-Dog Receiver Collars
Extra Collars

  1. SportDOG Add-a-Dog Collar and Receiver for SD-1825 - Camo - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-AW Add-A-Dog® Collar Receiver for SD-1825Camo

    An additional collar for the SD-1825Camo to run multiple dogs...

  2. SportDOG SD-BEEP UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper - Box Front

    SportDOG UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper
    List: $149.95

    Offers 9 tones to easily track your dog. Compatible with the: UplandHunter® 1875, SportHunter® 1825, WetlandHunter® 1825CAMO, and the ProHunter® 2525...

  3. SportDOG Add-a-Dog for SD-425 Camo - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-AC Add-A-Dog® Receiver Collar

    Expand your 425 system to multiple dogs or use as a replacement collar/receiver for the SD-425CAMO...

  4. SportDOG Add-a-Dog Receiver for SD-425S - Stuborn Dog - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-AS Add-A-Dog® Receiver Collar for SD-425S - Stuborn Dog

    An additional Collar/Receiver to match the FieldTrainer® 425S for stubborn dogs...

  5. SportDOG Add-a-Dog Receiver for SD-425 or SD-825 Unit

    SportDOG SDR-AF Add-A-Dog® Receiver Collar for SD-425 or SD-825
    List: $129.95

    An additional Collar/Receiver for the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 and the SportHunter 825...

  6. SportDOG Add-a-Dog Receiver and Beeper for UplandHunter 1875 - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-AB Add-a-Dog® Receiver Collar
    List: $239.95

    Add an additional Receiver and Beeper to run multiple dogs with SportDOG's acclaimed UplandHunter 1875. Also compatible with the SD-1825, SD-1825CAMO, SD-1875, and SD-2525...

  7. SportDOG Add-a-Dog SDR-AH Hound Hunter Collar for the SD-3225 - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-AH Reciever Collar for the SD-3225
    List: $159.95

    Add another hound dog to your SD-3225 system. Also compatible with other SportDOG models...

  8. SportDOG In-Ground Fence System - Additional Receiver

    SportDOG In-Ground Fence System - Additional Receiver

    Add an additional Collar Receiver at any time to your SportDog Underground system...

  9. SportDOG TEK 1.0 L Series GPS Location Only Collar

    SportDOG TEK 1.0 L Series Add-a-Dog® Receiver Collar
    List: $219.95

    An additional collar receiver for the SportDog TEK 1.0, locator only...

  10. SportDOG TEK 1.0 LT Series Training And GPS Location Add-A-Dog

    SportDOG TEK 1.0 LT Training / GPS Add-a-Dog® Receiver Collar
    List: $369.95

    An additional collar receiver for the SportDog TEK 1.0, the industries first tracking and training combination...

  11. SportDOG Add-a-Dog Collar and Receiver for SD-1225 or SD-1825 - Box Front

    SportDOG SDR-A Add-A-Dog® Collar Receiver

    Add a dog for use with most any SortDOG remote trainer...

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SportDOG Brand collar systems are the most recognized company in the Sporting Dog community.

We feel that SportDOG Brand makes the best dog training collar devices on the market. Their products are known not only for their quality, but also for being the best value for the dollar out there. Standing behind their 'Gear the way you'd design it'® slogan, their products quickly proved to be amongst the best in the field, and with that they acquired other popular sporting dog brands such as Lucky Dog and Innotek. We strongly believe in their electronic dog training products, and think you will too.

FREE SHIPPING on all SportDOG E collar systems over $125 to the lower US48 from Sporting Dog Pro!

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