Duck Mark Lancher Dummy Teal

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Teal Duck Mark Lancher Dummy

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Train your dog with the shape and flight of a real bird... the only thing it won't do is quack!

Launch the DuckMark "Flight Simulator" and your dog trains with the shape and flight of a real bird. The "tumbling Action" duplicates a dead bird falling. The DuckMark has the weight and feel of a bird and is excellent for training on water or in the field. Available in Mallard or Teal and the foam cell material can be scent injected.

Compatible with Retriev-R-Trainer, Lucky Launcher, DT Super Pro Dummy Launcher and most other hand-held launchers on the market.

  • Compatible with most hand-held dummy launchers on the market
  • Duplicates the shape and flight of a real bird
  • For use in water or on land
  • Can be scent impregnated
  • Choose Mallard or Teal
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