Hound Breezer Dog House Deluxe Cooling Ventilation System

Hound Breezer Deluxe Dog House Cooling Ventilation System

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List: $139.95
List: $139.95

The Hound Breezer solves the problem of proper ventilation in dog houses, keeping them cooler in the warmer months.

The newly designed Hound Breezer now features an incredibly long life whisper quite fan, bringing fresh air into you dogs house. The Hound Breezer looks just like the popular Hound Heaters, and even mounts to the same mounting plate.

It  draws outside air into the dog house at a rate of 24 cu. ft. per minute at a quiet noise level of less than 45 decibels, by a 30,000 hour silent fan producing a soothing sound for your dog. It refreshes the air within 1 to 2 times per minute.

The built in thermostat allows you to set the fan to turn on and off at your preset temperature of choice, saving you power when the fan doesn't need to run. You simply set it and forget it! The unit itself is made of 16 ga. powder coated steel, making it indestructible.

  • Dimensions: 10.5"(h) X 10"(w) X 4.5"(d)
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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