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Training and obedience are essential in making your dog a friend for life.

  1. SportDOG Field Trainer 425

    SportDOG Field Trainer® 425
    List: $189.95

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    The SportDOG 425 Field Trainer is a good choice for the everyday pet or close-in hunting companion. An affordable training collar system ideal for most any type of application...

  2. Garmin Delta Sport Training / Bark Collar Combo

    Garmin Delta™ Sport XC Training / Bark Collar Combo
    List: $269.99

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    Now let’s take it up a level. Take the Garmin Delta Sport XC and combine it with Garmin’s BarkLimiter - two training collars in one. The Garmin Delta Sport XC gives some additional range while still offering momentary, continuous, vibration, and tone corrections. As a bark collar, made from Tri-Tronics BarkLimiter, the receiver can differentiate between nuisance barking and other random noises or vibrations. And of course, the Delta Sport XC/Bark Collar Combo is packed with classic Tri-Tronics electronics...

  3. Garmin Sport Pro E-collar System

    Garmin Sport PRO™ E-Collar

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    New from Garmin, the Sport PRO is the highly anticipated upgrade and re-release of the best selling Tri-tronics Sport Basic G3 model collar system. They've taken the simple to use and easy to access features from the previous model and applied them to this rugged e-collar. With a rheostat dial, raised buttons, and one handed selection of switching between multiple dogs, this system is sure to become the new standard for remote training...

  4. Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System with Keep Away Tag

    Garmin Delta Smart™ Dog Device with Keep Away Tag

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    Use Bluetooth on your Smartphone to train and monitor your pet around the house. Fits on your pet's existing collar. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones...

  5. Dogtra IQ Plus

    Dogtra IQ Plus
    List: $199.95

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration

    The Dogtra IQ set a new standard in Family Dog training systems. This sporty e-collar is lightweight and designed for smaller dogs. Precise low to medium stimulation is achieved with a 100 level rheostat dial. Perfect for dogs as small as 10 pounds...

  6. PetSafe Elite Series Little Dog Remote Trainer

    "Excellent for little dogs."

    PetSafe Elite Series Little Dog Remote Trainer

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Tone, Jump

    A safe, gentle static correction tool for your small family dog. Recommended for dogs 8 - 40 lbs., and fits neck sizes from 8 - 22 inches. Once your pet becomes familiar with the collar, simply use the tone only mode to get their attention. A great and highly recommended small dog training collar...

  7. PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer

    PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer
    List: $261.24

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Tone

    Managing your rowdy companion is easy with the PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer. This e-collar provides the tools necessary to turn your high energy dog into an obedient friend that will make you proud. With a 400 yard range the Yard and Park Trainer allows you to take your friend out of the back yard and out to play...

  8. Dogtra iQ CliQ

    Dogtra iQ CliQ
    List: $139.99

    Stimulation Type Continuous

    The new addition to the Dogtra's IQ line, the IQ CliQ is as simple as it comes. Clicker training allows auditory training with positive reinforcements. ..

  9. SportDOG YardTrainer 350

    SportDOG YardTrainer 350

    Combines the simplicity of a basic e-collar training system with the versatility and ruggedness of a more advanced sporting dog trainer. With up to 300 yards of range, the compact SD-350 is more than adequate for basic training while also giving you the confidence to fix control problems at a distance...

  10. PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

    PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

    An alternative to static dog training, the PetSafe's Remote Spray Trainer uses a safe and effective citronella spray, aimed at your pets nose, to deter any unwanted behavior...

  11. Border Patrol TC1 - DE Systems GPS Mobile Dog Fence

    Border Patrol TC1 - GPS Portable Dog Fence / Remote Trainer
    List: $749.99

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Jump, Rise

    Set a circular boundary around the remote, keeping your dogs as close to you as just a few feet, or as far as 2 miles away. With the Border Patrol, you can see them on the screen, and always know where they are. Portable to take anywhere, and can even be used in your home to create a pet containment boundary that keeps them in the yard...

  12. Dogtra 280C Small Dog Training Collar System

    Dogtra 280C Small Dog Training Collar System

    Stimulation Type Continuous, Momentary, Vibration, Tone

    Dogtra's new compact system, providing low to medium power, and designed for training smaller dogs as small as 15 lbs. Provides a 1/2 mile range and a simple to use rheostat dial to fine tune your dogs optimal response settings...

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