Zinger 34" Collapsible Aluminum Crate

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Zinger 34" Collapsible Aluminum Crate Zinger 34" Collapsible Aluminum Crate
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Zinger 34" Collapsible Aluminum Crate

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Fold the crate down to ¼ its height for storage or travel.

The Zinger Folding Dog Crate comes in a “Silver Hammertone“ finish and provides lots of ventilation with its open design. Being able to fold the crate down to ¼ its height, handlers will be able to save considerable time, effort and storage space while travelling with their pet. Its aluminium construction makes the crate strong and sturdy keeping your dog safe and secure without weighing as much as conventional metal crates.

Unlike plastic and wire crates which easily crack and bend and need to be frequently replaced, Zinger crates are built to last a lifetime. Strong yet lightweight, the Zinger Deluxe aluminum dog crate offers incredible strength at one third the weight of steel.

Heavy-duty Aluminum Construction

Zinger crates are constructed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum which is known for its durability and strength. Aluminum crates are perfect for dogs who often destroy or break out of plastic and wire crates. While built to be strong and secure, Zinger crates are light enough to be handled by one person with little effort.

Stainless Steel Hardware
Lock and mounting hardware are made from stainless steel to eliminate rusting and corrosion.

zinger crate

Lockable Slam Latch
Each door comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. Rest assured that someone cannot simply open the crate and walk away with your dog. Made from strong "stainless steel" for durability and to prevent corrosion.

Superb Ventilation
A Zinger crate is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. The open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate. By its very nature aluminum quickly dissipates heat making it a great material to construct dog crates provided there are enough air holes. Lots of adequate venting ensures your dog will remain safe while in its crate.

Airline Travel Approved

ZINGER™ crates exceed the strength and ventilation requirements by most airlines. By installing the optional "Airline Travel Kit" the crate can be used to ship a dog by air. Strong aluminum crates will not bust or be broken by rough handling or shifting cargo loads thereby safe guarding your dog on route. When you ship your dog in a Zinger crate he is protected.

Modular Design

All Zinger crates can be coupled side by side or stacked atop one another to form multiple dog crate systems or kennel banks.

Powder Coat Finish

Zinger crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out. The secret to this tough finish is the high temperatures in which it is "baked on" so that it will not wear off. By powder coating the inside as well as the outside it protects your dogs coat from discoloration. Coat discoloration is common when a dog sits in an untreated aluminum crate. The bare aluminum oxidizes and the residue rubs off onto the dog resulting in a grey silvery color. This will not happen in a Zinger crate.

Solid Reinforced Doors

Strengthened with solid bars and welded for extra strength the door is built to hold your "Escape Artist". A full length piano hinge and striker plate is standard and the door can be easily reversed to allow for left and right hand opening.

Backdoor Option
All models can be fitted with a second door for front and rear access to your dog. This option comes in handy if you transport your dog in a minivan or SUV.

Winger Aluminum Dog Crate Manual Download

Winger Dog Crate User Manual- Winger Aluminum Dog Crate User's Manual Download
  • 22.5"W x 26"H x 34"L - 30lbs
  • 22.5"W x 6"H x 34"L when folded
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Silver Hammertone Powder Coat
  • Locking Slam Latch
  • Solid Barred Doors (Reversible)
  • Spring Loaded Handles
  • Airline Rails to insure airflow
  • Accommodates dogs up to 125 lbs
Customer Reviews
Not disappointed! By:
I purchased two of these crates for my English Setters. They are much more compact when collapsed than the large plastic boxes that took up a lot of space in my basement.! The Zingers expand and collapse easily. The ability to switch the door opening to right or left is a nice feature. Fit and finish is what you would / should expect for a $700 crate. ()
This is a very secure and sturdy crate.By:
I travel with my Russell Terrier to various shows, and find this crate to be easy to travel with, and easy to put away. It collapses simply, and is very sturdy when built. I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you! ()
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